Friday, June 22, 2007

34 Things I Love About My Church! - Numbers 26 through 34

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And this is the rest...

26. I love that we try to memorize the Word of God together.

27. I love that when I go and preach somewhere else, I ALWAYS feel like I cannot wait to get back to GFC. The grass never looks greener to me. This is my favorite church in the whole world!

28. I love watching you grow as the Word of God takes root in your life – and I love that so much of that growth is the somewhat imperceptible growth of a plant in the garden... you don’t see a lot of sudden, massive changes – but there is this genuine and real and deep and slow, yet progressive growth in godliness over time.

29. I love that our men can play hockey after prayer meeting.

30. I love that our church does not fit in my basement anymore! The Lord has blessed us with many new people and that is so cool.

31. I love the fact that our church is starting to reflect the multi-national flavor of heaven with over 9 different countries already represented in our midst. Just this morning I looked across the gym and witnessed a Zambian, a Romanian and an Albanian (all recent emigrants to Canada) fellowshipping together in Christ!

32. I love our church since it is more and more a real family with people in their childhood, teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We just need a few in their 90’s!

33. I love the fact that our church is trying to be a place of encouragement (not judgment) in a very inhospitable, mean and defeating world.

34. I love that even though we are in the city we have lots of parking!

Now that I have made my list, I challenge you to do the same! What do you love about YOUR church?

Post a link or send me an email and I will tally the results one day soon!

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  1. Paul, I've done my list over at my blog and have accepted your challenge! I'd like my tally now please :D


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