Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Feature: Weighing the Word

Introduction: This is an experiment. Tomgee had what I thought was a good idea – start a discussion each week where folks can interact with the preached Word. As I mulled this about, my mind was drawn to 1 Corinthians 14:29 where the prophets are instructed to “weigh what is said” by the other prophets. The Puritans called this kind of thing “improving the Word,” not so much the idea of taking a bad sermon and making it better, but dwelling on the Truth together to improve our grasp of it and our delight in its Author. So, at least for a few weeks, I will seek to put in post form a small summary of my message from Romans and open it up to any dialogue, discussion, questions and yes, even disagreements!

A few guidelines: I am not looking for kudos, so you can save all that. Also, please keep your posts on topic. I am not too interested in getting into the finer points or details of things as much as dealing with the big picture ideas. I think the minutiae should be reserved for in-person conversations.

The setting: I am anticipating that these conversations (if they take place at all!) will be primarily for the folks of GFC, but if you want to listen to the message and jump in on the discussion that would be great, too. You can download mp3’s of the message from

One last thing: You have to remember that I have been preaching Romans for well over one year now, from chapter one verse one. I have to assume a motherload of content from these chapter in these posts. That will leave some gaping holes.

With those introductory thoughts in place, I will now make our first post...

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